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Ateliers d'Art
California College of the Arts
The Crucible
The Glass Furnace
Northlands Creative Glass
Pilchuck Glass School
Public Glass
Urban Glass


Museums & Organizations

The Exploratorium
Burning Man
Corning Museum of Glass
di Rosa Preserve
GAS Glass Art Society
Kentucky Museum of Art & Design
MONA Museum of Neon Art
Musuem of Glass
Society of Glass Technology, Sheffield UK



Larry Albright
Candace Gawne
Jaime Guerrero
Mitch LaPlante
Charles Matthey
Peter Stoneham
David Svenson
Pamina Traylor
Bernd Weinmayer

Michael Pargett



The Crucible

Bedford Gallery

The Luniverre Gallery
Let There Be Neon Gallery, NY
Glass Light Gallery  
1212 Gallery in Burlingame, CA
Micaela Gallery in San Francisco, CA
Glass Galerie in Innsbruck, Austria


Science and Technology

Aurora Borealis
Tesla Information
Santa Fe Institute

The Tech Museum of Information

Technorama, The Swiss Science Center



Information Unlimited
Tech 2000


Web Design

Charles Matthey


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